History of Hudson Oaks

Founded in 1978, Hudson Oaks Texas is a city that provides necessary municipal services without levying a property tax on its residents and businesses. The founders of Hudson Oaks believed that sales tax would provide the needed revenue and not taxes collected from real estate investments within its boundaries.

To honor the founders of our city and their vision, Hudson Oaks still does not levy an ad valorem tax on property, despite the massive growth that we have seen over the last several years. It’s one of the primary distinctions that we have as a full-service city and it encourages us to operate differently than a majority of other cities in Texas. We have to think outside the box!

Hudson Oaks is home to 3,500 residents and is located right in the heart of Parker County. However, don’t let the small population fool you. Hudson Oaks is big on business! The City is blessed with a robust and diverse “Family of Businesses” that includes an array of dining, shopping and recreational establishments. Hudson Oaks is home to two corporate headquarters; Nextlink and Superior Livestock which are right on the I20 Corridor. Nextlink is an internet service provider using fixed wireless technology to deliver voice and data services to the under-served commercial, small business, residential, education, healthcare and public sector markets. Superior Livestock is America’s leader in livestock marketing and conducts live cattle auctions online and on their own cable channel!

Without a property tax that holds constant through economic downturns, we must remain aggressive in the pursuit of a diverse sales tax base that can sustain our city even through economic slowdowns and recessions. We look for creative and innovative ways to attract the right kind of sustainable development and our staff is always eager to share our business-friendly philosophy with entrepreneurs and developers. You can see this innovation in the urbanized style that we have been moving toward over the past few years in certain sections of the city.

The City of Hudson Oaks continues to work collaboratively with our neighboring communities to benefit our residents and businesses. A prime example of regional cooperation is the Fort Worth water line project which was completed in 2023. With the completion of this project, we have secured quality surface water from Fort Worth, along I-20 to both the City of Hudson Oaks and the City of Willow Park. This will ensure the City of Hudson Oaks will be able to sustain desired commercial growth for decades without impacting our residents’ utility services.

For over 40 years, the City of Hudson Oaks has charted its own course. City leaders have adhered to and have been guided by the no tax, low tax principles upon which it was founded. Though constraining, these principles encourage our city to innovate; though challenging, they demand that our city live within its means; and though idealistic, they create a high expectation of how our city government should conduct business. These guiding principles are what have allowed a small city of 3,500 people smack dab in the middle of the 4th fastest growing county in Texas to experience a renaissance of urbanized, sustainable development while continuing to save residents and business owners thousands of hard-earned dollars each year on their property tax bills.

We hope that you will visit Hudson Oaks soon and experience our vibrant and close-knit community. Be sure to check out our Boomin’ 4th fireworks show celebrating America’s birthday on July 4th, and COHOHO, our Christmas Corridor of lights and events from the first Friday in December through New Years Day. All of these signature events take place at beautiful Gene Voyles Park next to Hudson Oaks City Hall.

Please visit the events tab on our website to find out more ways for you, your family and your business to #branchout in Hudson Oaks, Texas!