Apply for a Permit

If you're building a structure or having mechanical, electrical and/or plumbing work done on your property, there's a good change you'll need to apply for a permit first. Use the guide for everything related to getting a city permit. 


Contractor Registration

Step 1.Gather your documents

The city is required to to verify that all contractors are licensed (when applicable). Make sure to have a copy of your driver license, proof of insurance and any trade licenses required by State law.

Step 2.Apply in the Portal

The City uses Camino for permitting and registration. Access the Contractor Registration Portal now.

Building Permit

Step 1.Prior to submittal

Is the property platted? 

  • Properties inside the city must be platted in a subdivision by lot and block. The city's platting requirements can be viewed here.

Does it have an address?

  • Contact the City Secretary at (682)229-2411 for addressing.

Is the use conforming to the current zoning?

  • Review the current use table in our code here. To inquire about a specific use permit contact the City Secretary at (682)229-2411.

Does it meet the Water & Wastewater Standards(PDF, 2MB) and Traffic Design Standards(PDF, 6MB)?

  • Contact City Hall at (682)229-2400 if the answer to any of these questions is no.

Step 2.Applying for a permit

Use the Camino Portal to apply now.




Permits by Type

Residential Construction

  • Building a new house
  • Adding an accessory building
  • Adding an accessory dwelling unit (mother-in-law suite)
  • Remodeling or adding to an existing house
  • Electrical, plumbing or mechanical (air conditioning)
  • Building a hangar (SF-1AP zoning District)
  • Carports
  • Residential retaining walls

Commercial Permits

  • Building a new commercial structure

  • Building a new commercial shell building

  • Commercial building finish-outs

  • Adding or changing any mechanical, electrical, or plumbing

  • Remodeling a current structure

  • Signs - wall, pole, monument, and/or temporary

  • Commercial retaining walls

Misc. Permits

  • Right-of-way Permits
  • Fencing
  • Demolition
  • Septic
  • Swimming pool
  • Solar Panels
  • Well Permits
  • Fuel tank installation

Health Permits

  • Health establishment renewals
  • Ice-cream truck
  • Mobile food truck
  • Temporary Event
  • Special Event (City Sponsors)

More information about health permits.

Administrative Permits

  • Solicitor/Peddler permits
  • City Alcohol permits
  • Outdoor advertising/billboard permits (renewals only)

More information about administrative permits.